Keeping Acne and Other Skin Problems Away

You have spent your entire life listening to people tell you that you need to wash your face. Hardly anybody actually likes to wash their face at the end of the day and it is something that many of us forget to do. When all you want to do is go to sleep, washing your face is a huge pain in the…you know what–even if you can still remember your puberty years like they just finished happening. Here’s the thing: you need to keep your face clean to keep dirt and bacteria from infecting your pores. Do you still want to be prone to breakouts in your thirties and onward? Here is how you keep your face clean and keep acne away.

Gentle Face Washing

Wash your face gently. Do not scrub your face! Scrubbing your face too hard can cause damage and make it more susceptible to breakouts. The skin on your face is incredibly sensitive and easily injured so scrubbing is far more harmful than helpful. Nobody wants to have scars from scrubbing. This is why it is important that you take are to wash firmly but gently. It sounds difficult but it is very easy to learn. Just remember: if your face is bright red after you’re done washing it, that is a bad sign. A flushed face is okay as long as it is not bright red. A little bit of a glow is healthy but resembling a stop sign is not.

Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide

If you suffer from extreme acne problems, you’ll want to find a cleanser that contains a high level of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. This type of super strong cleanser was developed with severe acne sufferers in mind. These cleansers are strong enough to damage faces who are not set up to accommodate them so, if your acne is not severe, you should choose something more gentle. If, however, you suffer from bad acne, these cleansers might just be the thing you need to start breaking down the pimples and cleaning out your pores.

Try Natural Products

You might already have the perfect remedy in your kitchen or bathroom. There are a lot of people who insist that toothpaste is great for zits. Squeeze some toothpaste onto a pimple or zit after it has formed and leave it on overnight. When you wake up, you will see that the pimple or zit has gotten a lot smaller (do not try this if you have pets who roam free at night because tasting the toothpaste could make them very sick). Lots of people use egg whites to clean their faces and reduce their breakouts. Try making a mask with your egg whites if dabbing them directly onto an existing breakout doesn’t clear it up.

There are many factors that can cause a person to experience acne. You need to remind yourself that you are not alone with your acne issues–everyone deals with some form of acne or other. Acne does not discriminate against age: everyone suffers from it at some point. There are wide ranges of remedies available to people who have skin problems. You might be able to cure it with a good over the counter facial cleanser. You might need the help of a doctor. Don’t give up, you’ll find the solution you need!