Superfoods For Cancer – 3 Remedies That May Work

Superfoods For You!

Have you ever thought “Does everything cause cancer?” – this is a thought many of us have had. Without a doubt, cancer (the second highest cause of death in the US) is a health topic that needs serious attention. However, all is not lost because nature has given us ways to protect ourselves the old-fashioned way – foods. Specifically, superfoods and this is a term that has gained prominence in the past ten years. There are so many superfoods out there, it gives each person quite a variety to choose from when setting up a natural diet program. Let’s look at some ways that these foods can help you prevent cancer from developing, opposed to attacking it outright.

Science has been actively involved in studying the effects of berries on cancer. The fruits actually have a variety of antioxidants and other nutrients within them. The so-called superfoods are usually the berries that have a darker color, and usually cancer fighting nutrients as well. This is another instance when color is indicative of the quality of what you get in the food, just like vegetables. Oxidative stress is a phenomenon in which there’s a high production of free radicals that cause cell damage. Black raspberries have been identified as being a powerful reducer of oxidative stress. You need to look at berries as a group, as no one particular berry is far better than any other, just add them to your diet in general!

What Are The Most Important Aspects?

Certain vitamins are antioxidants that help protect you against cancer, and beta carotene ( a form of Vitamin A) is one of the best of these. One of the best superfoods you can eat that’s rich in beta carotene are carrots; a single serving supplies you with three times the RDA of this crucial vitamin. If you couldn’t guess from the name, beta carotene is also what gives carrots their orange color! Just a fun fact for you there.

Aside from their high beta carotene content, carrots also supply your body with lots of healthy fiber. Your intestinal bacteria (the good kind) require this type of prebiotic fiber to maintain the health of your intestines. Cabbage and carrots mixed together would be an excellent fiber rich snack or accompaniment to a meal. If you’re concerned about getting enough fiber, eating this combination a few times per week will help a lot.

Have you ever heard of omega-3 fatty acids? This is the next topic of discussion in regard to anti-cancer superfoods. First of all, let’s discuss flax seed and how this relates to superfoods and omega-3’s. But first, omega-3 EFAs are important for lots of reasons, but research indicates they can reduce the size of tumors associated with breast cancer. So not only does it have a positive effect on some tumors, the EFAs can help your heart as well. It is not a good idea to buy flaxseed if you can help it. If you do purchase them, the level of omega-3 acid in the flaxseed can vary depending upon how it was grown, pressed and even stored. You’ll probably have to do more research in order to get the most benefit from the flaxseed that you purchase. By taking superfoods regularly, making them part of your everyday diet, you can help add to your preventative countermeasures. On the Web, and even in print magazines and newspapers, success stories regarding superfoods and cancer come out all the time. Many years ago, a cancer diagnosis amounted to a near-death sentence and treatment methods were crude. It is now quite common for doctors to prescribe utilizing both forms of treatment, natural and traditional, when a person is facing cancer for the first time.